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at Honeypot Nursery!


  1. Filled in and signed registration form

  2. QID and Passport copies for the child and parents

  3. 2 passport size photo (can be digital)

  4. Vaccination record copy

Please note that we are registering all the kids in NSIS portal of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Qatar to ensure smooth transition from nursery setting to school.

Nursery report is given after 3 months of attendance, progress report is given twice a year.


  1. Lunch box with enough food for selected attendance option

  2. Water bottle

  3. Extra clothes in case the child needs to be changed

  4. Diapers, changing mat and wet wipes - if the child is using diapers.

  5. Bedding - in case the child is going to have a nap in the nursery

Lunchbox Inspirations by Our Parents

At Honeypot Nursery, we believe that healthy eating habits start from a young age. We encourage parents to pack nutritious meals for their children, including a variety of fruits and vegetables. To ensure a safe and healthy environment for all our students, we have a policy against bringing Nutella, chocolates, chips, and nuts to the nursery. By fostering these healthy habits early, we help lay the foundation for a lifetime of good health and wellness for our students.