Why Honeypot Nursery School Stands Out

Expert, Experienced Staff

Our team is not only highly qualified but also brings a wealth of experience within the Early Years framework, ensuring that every child has the support to flourish to their fullest potential.

A Safe and Joyful Learning Environment

Our priority is to create a secure, cheerful, and engaging space where children can learn social interaction, form positive relationships, and embrace independence through active learning.

Strong Academics and Impressive School Acceptance  Rate

At Honeypot Nursery School, we pride ourselves on delivering a robust academic program that lays the groundwork for lifelong learning. Our curriculum is designed to exceed developmental milestones in preparation for primary education.

Affordable Excellence

We believe that quality Early Years education and care should be accessible to all, which is why we offer affordable options without compromising on the quality of our service.

Partnership with Parents

We are deeply passionate about partnering with you, the parents, involving you in every step of your child’s learning journey, because it truly takes a village to raise a child.

Equal Opportunities and Valued Individuality

Each child at Honeypot is cherished. We strive to provide equal opportunities and tailor our approach to recognize and celebrate every child's unique qualities.


CCTV cameras - parental access

Full time nurse on duty and monthly doctor's visits

High standards of safety and hygiene

CAMS connection to Civil Defense Unit for immediate responce

Daily photos sharing

Arabic/ French/Qur’an lessons

Our staff is CPR and First Aid certified and fully qualified in the EYFS curriculum, ensuring both the safety and educational excellence of our nursery environment.

Extensive Curriculum Coverage:

Our EYFS curriculum covers all seven areas of learning and development, meticulously designed to ensure comprehensive cognitive, emotional, physical, and social growth

Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to incorporate Qatar's rich cultural heritage and traditions, ensuring that children develop an appreciation for their local identity and values.

Art Classes: Encouraging creativity through painting, drawing, and crafting.

Kitchen Fun: Simple cooking activities that teach measurement and mixing.

Kids Yoga: Promoting physical health and mindfulness through basic poses.

Show and Tell: Building confidence and communication skills.

Play Pretend: Fostering imagination and social skills in themed play settings.

Puppet Shows: Enhancing storytelling abilities and expressive arts.

Music and Movement: Exploring rhythm and dance to develop coordination and expression.

Sensory Play: Using sand, water, and other materials to explore different textures.

Story Time: Developing language skills through interactive and engaging storytelling.

Building and Construction: Using blocks and construction sets to understand shapes and spatial awareness.

Gardening Club: Introducing basic botany and the life cycle of plants.

Treasure Hunts: Encouraging problem-solving and teamwork.

Science Experiments: Simple experiments to spark curiosity about the natural world.

Circle Time: Group activities that promote social skills and emotional development.

Language Enrichment: We offer Arabic and French languages as selective twice-a-week class.

Qur'an: We offer selective Qur'an lessons for all the children above 2,5 years old.